Teach your children's inflatable toy cleaning and maintenance of small trick

As is known to all, inflatable trampoline, inflatable slide is a kind of comprehensive amusement facilities.Not only can cultivate children's various interest, exercise the body of children, also can achieve the effect of the intelligence, so be sure to keep clean.

Simple cleaning methods: cleaning is to put the toys in the 1:99 diluted household bleach water soak for 30 minutes, reoccupy clear water to clean.

Second, the complex cleaning steps are as follows:

1) with the flow of clean water to rinse, wipe, remove the dirt adhered on the surface of the toys;

2) with disinfectant wash, kill the possible existence of infectious diseases;

3) to the flow of clean water to wash clean, remove disinfectant;

4) on the ultraviolet disinfection room, 10-20 minutes of super penetrating sterilization.

Three, toys, cleaning and maintenance:

To maintain the life of different kinds, material toys, ensure the health and safety, when the customers to use toys cleaning and maintenance work is very important.

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