Children's amusement equipment how to location?

Whether you to find the right investment project address? Let CYF Inflatable Co., ltd., inflatables bouncer, inflatable water slides, inflatable slides, for your children's amusement equipment is analysed or location, I hope you have more harvest.

1) when picking the mall: first, you need to communication with mall management office, see if there is a suitable location;And fire control aspect also has asked for indoor children's park floor height, the ground floor to the third floor can run between children's park, the third floor above and underground layer there are fire hazard, in addition, communication with mall also note the following items: before signing a contract, decoration period, rent-free period, rent-free period to pay method, measured, equally Shared area, property management, water and electricity, heating, air conditioning, rent, contract and rents are rising, and a few pay, slotting fees, facade advertisements;Internal advertising promotions, middle-aged celebration, anniversary, activities, whether can rent, whether can transfer, whether can change management content, the owner if you assist to handle industrial and commercial tax fire, if the opening time (how to compensate.

2) when choosing indoor children's paradise stores operate: in the first place in the stream of people can refer to the McDonald's or KFC nearby, because the McDonald's and KFC's location is very important to the requirement of traffic, so you can choose according to the store site;Without these two references, then the need for traffic field trip;

3) if it is in the village management, you will need to use a little time to consumption level of the village, traffic aspects of a comprehensive investigation, such as the level of consumption can see near have medium hair chain, etc.;The stream of people can see the occupancy and field investigation.Suggest that had better choose market these places, these places is the most ideal venue management indoor children's paradise.

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