inflatables playing Security sweep

Inflatable slide

Focus: not to climb from the chute mouth, mouth quickly leave after the slide down the slide.

Play is that it is easy to appear slides babies without interval one by one, slipping, are better than one, you see, a slide mouth began to glare.If baby age is too small, and lifted him up, want to hurry to the end of the slide when he slid, big baby, to tell him, if there are children in front, slid down to wait for the children after the slide, slide immediately after the leave, don't climb from the slide the exit.


Focus: can't let go halfway to jump down

Holding the slide down, the game was very excited baby.They will play over and over again.Some baby because of fear or impatient, however, often half to let go, and rolled down, surprised out in a cold sweat.If possible, had better follow him for the first time, beside to protect him, and told him, such as slide to the bottom, slide the jump down to let go.In addition to tell baby, don't return to the original road, otherwise will be slide down the kids went belly-up.

Inflatables bouncer

Focus: to prevent the baby for fall and the other kids on injury.

On the trampoline to jump, is that many babies are like to play the game, but it has many potential safety hazard.Because jump trampoline, baby sometimes unstable ground, fall on the trampoline, if more people, there will be a risk of being child stepped on, serious still can cause sprains, fractures.So, if too many people, don't let the baby play first.If playing among the baby have a special big, or the play special naughty, it's best to let the baby play later.

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