Inflatable water slides the daily maintenance of knowledge

Daily maintenance of inflatable water slides:

1. Inflatable water slides when use: need to take off your shoes and take off all sharp objects rear can go up to play.

2. Don't move, if a drag on, time grew, easily worn out.

3. Away from the fireworks.In opening ceremony, salute, fireworks is inseparable from the things.We must stay away from the fireworks more than 6 meters can be used.

4. If dirty, please clean with wet cloth, can be used.

5. In case of strong wind, rain, snow, fog, hail weather, such as equipment should be forbidden to use, lest produce an accident.

6. If not for a long time, folded into the clean equipment, bundling, packing is good.Storage temperature is in commonly -50 ~ + 40 degrees Celsius is advisable.

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